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There’s a lot of history, vistas of purple mountain majesty, and just a touch of cynicism buried here. Not quite miner’s gold, but darn close. So take off yer boots, pull up a chair, and come with us to visit some of the quieter spots in the Black Hills.

You’ll find a few untraveled trails, a look back at South Dakota’s mining lore, routes to a few hidden oases of truth. If you ever spent a sunset hour, perched on the terrace of the Old Palmer Gulch Lodge, you’ll hear the distant bells of horses run out to pasture in these pages.

Some items of interest:

If you like good photography, please check out my main site, at — most of my recent work is there, as well as my blog: Life as an Itinerant Artist. The galleries have some beautiful Black Hills photographs, as well as work from other areas of the West.

An updated and revised history of Palmer Gulch Lodge, with loads of photos. Find it here [Happy Valley link]

Mr. Terbillion’s Ambition, a film begun in 1989, was available on DVD or VHS. Starring Richard Pahl, Tony Award winner Sutton Foster, Tony nominee Hunter Foster, and Melody Kay. It’s now viewable on Vimeo.

A couple of shots from HJ Schmidt, really classic rock climbing stuff. Check it out.

Couple #3 Demo — from 1985! A few classic tracks from the basement…

The old site is archived at