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Day One:
Icelandic Ponies
Norse Attack
Blue Lagoon

Day Two:
Black Sand Beach
Sea Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting

Day Three:
Clubbing Again

Day Four:
Back Home




Top: On the trail to Trofallos

Left: The waterfall in shadow

Right: Karyn finds her true love, Marshmallow

The trail led us up to a grassy meadow, where the group dismounted for a look at the waterfall Trofallos. A short walk over to the gorge revealed a magnificent torrent pouring over a forty-foot cliff. But the real view was the river canyone and the mountains beyond, leading into mystery.

We saddled up again, and headed back down the trail. Karyn by this time had bonded with her horse Marshmallow. Our horses, spirited as they were, led the pack, and it was hard to keep them from passing up the wranglers. On the way back, we came on a grassy meadow, perfect for letting the horses have their head. Joe Paglino, Karyn and I and a couple of others cantered across this at a great clip, until the trail once again became a bit too rocky.

Crossing the river twice before reaching the farm, Christen Riad almost fell off her mount, but managed to recover. The lead group cantered around the meadow where we had eaten lunch, and then, the ride over, filed into the corral. Poor Joe Paglino's horse refused to have another go at the meadow, and reared up, dumping Joe unceremoniously. Luckily, he survived to tell another joke.

The Viking Hordes attack with song and sword

Back at the lunch tent, Viking maids poured a welcome brew, and circulated with shots of Brennivín, or "Black Death" in ram's horns. Brawny Viking lads suddenly appeared out of nowhere and tried to abduct some of the female members of our party. We relaxed when it became obvious that these Viking lads were wielding fake swords and didn't really have rape and pillage on their minds. Viking song ensued, and much merriment, after shots of Black Death had their warming effect.



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