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Day One:
Icelandic Ponies
Norse Attack
Blue Lagoon

Day Two:
Black Sand Beach
Sea Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting

Day Three:
Clubbing Again

Day Four:
Back Home




Top: Karn takes her turn on the dance floor.
Left: Joe Paglino gives us his version of the Sushi Song

Arriving at the hotel, some of us were not ready to call it a night. Joe, Inga, Karyn, Dave and Natalie, Bill Dupart, Trevor and I decided to head down to the City Center and check out the clubs. Sven agreed to take us down by bus, but we would have to come back to the hotel via cab. Inga gave us a little card with the hotel address on it in case we couldn't remember the name due to excessive inebriation.

Reykjavík nightclubs live up to their reputation. We walked down Tryggvagata and Hafnarstæti in search of the perfect venue, past the crowded Rex nightclub and several others, before lighting on the dance floor at a local pub, the Club Victor. The music was loud with a latin influence, and we promptly took to the dance floor for some spirited exercise.

In Reykjavík, many residents go from pub to pub, the Icelandic equivalent of the pub crawl known as runtur. We followed suit, with Inga in the lead. We tried Astro, but it was dead. Rex had a huge queue. The Shadow Bar in the Hotel Börg would not allow us in wearing blue jeans, so we hopped in a cab after wandering the streets and headed back to the quiet side of town for a well-deserved rest.

Back at the Grand Hotel Reyjavík, another gift awaited us on our beds -- a large format book of photography by famous Icelandic photographer Páll Stefánsson. We spent a few minutes poring over it before turning in for a well-deserved rest.



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