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Day One:
Icelandic Ponies
Norse Attack
Blue Lagoon

Day Two:
Black Sand Beach
Sea Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting

Day Three:
Clubbing Again

Day Four:
Back Home



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Above: Icebergs
off the coast of Greenland

Right: Sven, our bus driver

Left: Reykjavik harbor

On the bus to Keflavik, Inga played a tape of the Icelandic national anthem, and answered questions that some of the group had been wondering about. She said goodbye tearfully, as many friendships had been made in the space of a few days. Then it was off to customs and the duty free shop for vodka, puffin toys and more t-shirts.

We were on the plane before we knew it, and winging over the North Atlantic. Soon Iceland was behind us. We settled in for dinner and the usual in-flight movie. I looked out the window and caught a magnificent view of Greenland far below. Massive icebergs calving off the mainland floated for miles out to sea, and the interior of the island was white and forbidding in contrast to the green, gentle mountains of Iceland. Soon, clouds covered the view, and we left Greenland behind as well.

While our four days in Iceland barely scratched the surface of this wonderful country, we plan to visit again someday. There are many places we did not see, including the Western Fjords, the Northern part of Iceland, the outlying islands -- the list goes on.

Jim and Karyn finally make it back to Rochester Hills at 11PM on Sunday night, a bit bleary eyed

We will never forget the wonderful hospitality and kindness of the Discovery Channel crew, including Lisa Moran and Liz Owens of RPMC, Michael Yavorsky for coordinating the trip; Larry Harding, Johna Hewes and Joe Paglino, our special friends at Discovery Channel, and all the friends we made on this Discovery Adventure. Thanks everybody. Lets do it again next week!



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