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Day One:
Icelandic Ponies
Norse Attack
Blue Lagoon

Day Two:
Black Sand Beach
Sea Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting

Day Three:
Clubbing Again

Day Four:
Back Home





I got a call from Karyn sometime around the end of July. She asked me,"How would I like to go to Iceland?" I wasn't sure if she was kidding or serious, but of course, I was curious. Iceland is not one of those places you think much about when looking for the next vacation or long weekend in the countryside. Mostly when I think of Iceland, I think of Björk, or Vikings, and a tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Karyn was, it turned out, very serious. We'd been invited along with 40-odd other media types to join the Discovery Channel on a four-day, all-expense paid trip to Iceland. I was very excited. Karyn forwarded some clippings to me and I checked out some Web sites, to see what we might be in for. The Discovery Adventure was about to begin.

A week before the trip, Karyn's friend Johna Hewes at the Discovery Channel made sure we had our passports, airline tickets and a Discovery Adventures backpack full of necessary items: Discovery Adventures hat, Discovery Adventures Windbreaker, Discovery Adventures watch, and a full itinerary.

So enjoy the photographs, and relive our Icelandic adventure for yourself. Begin at the beginning, or select one of the items at the right to jump right into the action. Our thanks to Larry, Johna, Joe, Pat and Tony for taking us along.


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