Saddleback Mountain

Redfish Lake Lodge



Day One - Redfish Lake to Cramer Lake

Well, what to say? Boat shuttle from Redfish Lake Lodge at 9:30 – takes about 10 minutes to cover the 4 mile trip to the other end of the lake. The payphones at the lodge weren’t working at all, so couldn’t say my final farewells before slipping into the wilderness. The phones ate $2.00 and wouldn’t accept calling cards.

Nice people in the boat over offered to call Karyn so I gave them her card and a quick message to deliver. I didn’t feel right about asking them to do more than that.

The drive up from Boise along US21 takes about 3 hours, through forested passes and canyons to Stanley. Only 130 miles, the road is slow, switch-backing up into old burns and along mighty little creeks.