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Palmer Gulch Lodge, before addition of terrace in 1927. Note flagstone pile in front, later used to build the terrace.


Palmer Gulch and its Famous Lodge

I can see my father now, standing on the terrace overlooking Palmer Gulch, looking down into that usually happy valley, and speaking firmly to John Bland.

I could tell that Dad was irritated. There was a tone in his voice that somehow suggested irritation. He was using words and phrases that I had previously only heard in Sunday school, and he was not using them in the way that I had heard them before. Dadís whole attitude and conduct suggested that he was upset and disturbed in his mind, and that Mr. Bland was the cause of his uneasiness. Dad went on speaking and as he spoke he warmed to his task, and came more and more to resemble a long-constrained volcano at last developing its potentialities to the fullest, and when Dad was done speaking, John Bland was no longer connected with the Black Hills Country Club, in Palmer Gulch, at the foot of Harney Peak, near Hill City, South Dakota.


John Bland on the porch of the lodge, with two of his "girlfriends".


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