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If you'd like to read a bit more about South Dakota history, geology or climbing, check out these titles at by clicking the links below.

Deadwood: The Golden Years
    (Watson Parker)
A very good history of the famous town and its inhabitants during the Gold Rush of 1876 and after

Black Hills Ghost Towns and Others
    (Watson Parker)
The definitive work, with locations and many photographs of towns, mines and wide spots in the road.

Island in the Plains: A Black Hills Natural History
    (Edward Raventon -- out of print)
If you can find it, this is a terrific book on discovering the natural beauty that is the Black Hills. Amazon will try to special order it if you ask them to locate it.

Touch the Sky
     (Paul Piana)
The best guide to climbing routes in the Needles, the Chessmen, Cathedral Spires. Also includes a decent history of climbing in the Hills.

Hiking South Dakota's Black Hills Country
     (Robert C. Gildart, Bert Gildart, Jane T. Gildart)
The Falcon guide includes many of the classic trails and a few gems.

Exploring the Black Hills & Badlands
    (Hiram Rogers)
Another good hiking resource.


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