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Filmmaking is a team effort, and some of my best friendships have been made working on film projects. Richard Pahl, the star of Mr. Terbillion's Ambition, still keeps in touch. Mark Malboeuf, who I worked with on Zug runs his business, Screentracks, on his extensive knowlege of video, HDTV, and audio applications.

At some point, video clips of these films will be available.

Commercial Reel
Art Direction/Producer

ZUG (B&W 12 min 1986)
Directed by Dorn Martell and Erik Iversen

Mr. Terbillion's Ambition (color, 30 min 1989)
Directed by Jim Parker; Director of Photography Mark Malboeuf

Summer in Paradise (color 5 min 1988)
Directed by Jim Parker

Rambo Rabbit (color 3.5 min 1986)
Directed by Jim Parker

The People Mover Story (color 30 min 1990)
Directed by Erik Iversen

Where Them Faces? (color 35 min 1999)
Directed by Jim Parker



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