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The Palmer Gulch site will bring back memories for those who visited their in the forties, fifties and into the sixties.

Background on Dakota History is also found here, taken from an earlier work by Watson Parker, the out-of-print guide to the Black Hills, distributed in 1958, 1959 to previous and potential guests at Palmer Gulch.

Palmer Gulch Lodge is now a major KOA roosting spot in the Black Hills. Many campfires blacken the sky on a balmy summer night; over 1500 visitors a day plunk down good dollars for a meager camper pad with a hookup, or a "rustic" tent cabin. The original Lodge and 12 cabins still remain, but they are mere ghosts from the past.

The Society is your historical resource. Rare photos of Black Hills Ghost Towns and mines can be seen in the pictorial archive. Read about the "Happy Valley", Palmer Gulch as it was for over forty years.


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