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Hiking in the Black Hills is my favorite sport. Although we often hike to scramble, sometimes, we just hike for the sheer pleasure of being in the crisp mountain air. The scent of the pines, the wind in the trees and the bluest sky in the world fill your senses and make walking effortless.

There are lots of trails in and around the Black Hills--the most popular is the Sylvan Lake--Harney trail. The trails range in difficulty from easy, like the paved loop around Devil's Tower (shown at left) to the Cathedral Spires trail.

The Sierra Club has published a trail map of the Norbeck Preserve, which encompasses most of the premiere hiking in the Hills.

The longest trail in the Hills is the Centennial Trail, which stretches 111 miles from Bear Butte near Sturgis to Wind Cave National Park.

Hiking the Devil's Tower loop trail in early springtime.

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